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Visa Platinum

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Visa® Platinum Credit Card

You've earned the privilege. Enjoy the rewards.

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Offering exceptional purchasing power, peace-of-mind travel and insurance services, and exclusive Cardholder benefits, the Butterfield Visa® Platinum Card is the only credit card you need.


As a Butterfield Platinum Visa® Cardholder, you will enjoy unparalleled worldwide acceptance, exclusive Visa® Platinum privileges including acceptance at over 25 million merchants worldwide, travel assistance services, personalised website for rewards and more.


Butterfield Rewards


When you’re approved for a Butterfield Visa® Platinum Card, you will be enrolled in the exclusive Butterfield Rewards programme and earn points towards travel, entertainment and other benefits. You’ll earn one Butterfield Rewards point for every 2 Barbados dollars you spend on qualifying purchases with your Butterfield Visa® Platinum Card.


Butterfield Rewards offers a flexible rewards solution that can be used for a wide array of benefits including:

• Airline tickets to any destination worldwide on any airline with no blackout dates

• Access to Visa’s exclusive Travel Specialists to assist with travel plans

• Lodging at exclusive hotels and resorts around the world

• Vehicle rental insurance available worldwide*

• Cruises and special travel packages

If you’re a member of an airline frequent flyer programme, you can earn additional miles when you redeem your Butterfield Rewards points to purchase tickets on that airline.


Bonus Points for signing up


All new Platinum Cardholders will be automatically awarded 1,000 Butterfield Rewards points with their new Butterfield Visa® Platinum Card!


Features and benefits

As a Butterfield Platinum Visa® Cardholder, you will enjoy all of these special benefits:

• Unparalleled worldwide acceptance

• Security and Convenience

• Exclusive Visa® Platinum Privileges

• Personalised Visa® Platinum Website

• Travel Assistance Services

• Auto Rental Insurance

• Travel Accident Insurance

• Emergency Medical Indemnification

• Visa® Platinum Assistance Centre

• Visa® Emergency Services

• Butterfield Card Plus Programme

• Easy Point Redemption Process

• Pre-determined Point Redemption for popular Travel Destinations


Unparalleled worldwide acceptance


Your Butterfield Visa® Platinum Card provides you with instant purchasing power at over 29 million merchant locations, and access to funds at over one million ATMs worldwide.


Security and convenience


Your Butterfield Visa® Platinum Card provides you with 24/7 Cardholder assistance services. Whether you have a question about your account or the features of your Card, need emergency assistance, or have to report your Card lost or stolen, we’ll be there when you need us.


Exclusive Visa® Platinum privileges


As a Butterfield Visa® Platinum Cardholder, you'll be invited to participate in special offers and opportunities that have been developed exclusively for Visa® Platinum Cardholders.* Read more.


Personalised Visa® Platinum website


Specifically designed with you in mind, the website is your personal portal. Get information regarding your Butterfield Visa® Platinum Card benefits, as well as a summary of the Butterfield Rewards points you’ve earned and redeemed. You can also obtain information on exclusive offers for Visa® Platinum Cardholders. Read more.


Travel assistance services


Visa’s Travel Assistance Services provides reliable destination information or pre-trip planning advice as well as help with lost baggage assistance, legal referrals and a wide range of services available to Visa® Platinum Cardholders who are travelling over 100 miles from their home.* Read more.


Auto rental insurance


As a Butterfield Visa® Platinum Cardholder, you may obtain Auto Rental Insurance free of charge anywhere in the world each time you rent a car using your Butterfield Visa® Platinum Card.* Read more.


Travel accident insurance

Cardholders and their families receive Travel Accident Insurance of up to US$500,000.* Read more.


Emergency medical indemnification


Visa® representatives are available to guide and protect you around the clock in case of a medical emergency while on a trip paid for with the Butterfield Visa® Platinum Card. Visa’s responsive Emergency Service Team will step in and become a personal resource, arranging for dependable medical care and ensuring every need is handled with professionalism.* Read more.


Visa® Platinum Assistance Centre

The Visa® Platinum Assistance Centre includes an answering service, live call transfers and connection to your personal Visa® Travel Specialist. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Read more.


Visa® emergency services

The Visa® Platinum Assistance Centre assists with emergency card replacement for lost and stolen    cards, including expedited delivery of temporary replacement cards and emergency cash advances.      Read more.


Easy point redemption process

Redeeming points is easy, you can either:

• Use your personal Visa® Platinum online service at

• Telephone the Visa® Platinum Assistance Centre; or

• Contact Butterfield


For travel redemption you can refer to the pre-determined point redemption table or contact the Visa® Travel Assistance Service Team. A Visa® Travel Specialist can provide you with the number of points required for your travel and make the requested travel arrangements.


Pre-determined point redemption for popular travel destinations

Points Required(1)

Destination Coach Class Business Class
Jamaica 30,000 40,000
Miami 40,000 70,000
Tampa 45,000 75,000
Orlando 45,000 75,000
Havana 40,000 75,000
Houston 50,000 100,000
Atlanta 50,000 100,000
Las Vegas 65,000 150,000
New York 50,000 100,000
London 75,000 450,000
Toronto 70,000




Schedule of fees

Minimum annual individual income BB$200,000 (other qualifications apply)
Annual fee BB$300.00
Additional Cardholder fee BB$150.00
Card replacement BB$30.00
Cash advance fee 5% (of transaction); minimum BB$5.00
Minimum payment 5% of statement balance; BB$100 minimum
Late payment fee BB$30.00
Over limit fee BB$30.00
Interest rate 14% APR



Frequently asked questions


A list of frequently asked questions and answers. Read more.

For more information

Please contact us at:

  • Butterfield Card Services (246) 431 4553
  • Visa® Platinum Assistance Centre:
    • Toll Free (USA & Canada) 1(800) 396 9665
    • Collect (from other countries) 1(410)902 8022
    • Butterfield facsimile (246) 430 0221

*Terms & Conditions apply. Detailed information below.

(1)The number of points corresponds to flights where the departure or arrival point is within Barbados, unless as otherwise specified. Points offered are subject to review on an annual basis. Read More {hyperlink to “Important Travel Notes.pdf”}. 




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