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ATM Banking

Debit Cards

Butterfield ATM / Debit cards are available free of charge to all account holders. The card is PIN based and is used to initiate a debit transaction at any ATM or Point of Sale Terminal.

The card is for local use only but will link you to the CarIFS network in Barbados; this means that you have access to your funds 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week through all other bank ATMs.

Your Butterfield Bank ATM/Debit card will link you to:

  • All Butterfield ATMs (FREE)


  • All Butterfield Point of Sale Terminals (FREE)


  • All ATMs and Point of Sale Terminals operated by other banks through the CarIFS network
For more information:
Contact any of our Financial Services Representatives at 246-431-4500 or visit one of our Banking Centres today.





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